Manager and I

My first contact with manager games was back in 1998. when my classmate invited my to play together. He had a pc then, I did't still have one. The game was called Championship manager 2.

I remember he played with Fiorentina, and I have chosen Milan (because Zvonimir Boban played there). Those days were very exciting, he and I couldn't wait the end of school day to run at his place and load our savegame (: and I couldn't wait to buy my first PC so I can play whenever I wanted.

Then the happy day came finally, I have collected the money for my first PC and the succesfull career bagun (I have still not retired, even though I am married now and having a little baby daughter).

After installing my first manager (CM3), I have started the save with Coventry city (loved the sky blue colour) and with my colleague we always played the Premiership since he was an Arsenal fan and I symphatised Man Utd. I loved playing solo and with friends. Of course, life wasn't only manager, we simply loved football and all outdoor sports but manager was something else. Evenings were spent playing manager.

Then came the high school time and playing and bragging to high school classmates. There were also a couple of friends who played a lot, so we ofted discussed together, exchanged the wonderkids and such. This was the time when we didn't have internet so a lot of things were left for us to explore ourselves.

I was playing everything, tried a lot of leagues, played different savegames from log time saves (like 15-20 seasons) to short ones (season or two), with big clubs (barca, real, bayern) or with unknown clubs (Bedford, Telford, Doncaster, Omniworld...). From all that experience, I have realized that I had the most fun with LLM (lower league management). Nothing can be compared with winning the Champions League with a club that I brought from English Conference South to the top of the Europe and World. This is an incredible feeling.

Don't think that I had no life outside the FM, I had a wonderful childhood. I was an excellent at the primary school, later I was an excellent student at the secondary school and went on to finish my University degree at Computer Science. Also I was playing waterpolo for Mladost Zagreb youth teams for almost ten years (from age 7 to 17) with trainings every workday for two hours (between 20 and 22 PM) during school year and during the summer even three trainings a day (morning 8-10, noon 12-2 and evening 20-22). Even with that busy schedule I always had time to play manager.

Also, I was hanging with my friends, had some girlfriends and went out partying on Fridays and Saturdays . And still had time to play manager :D

With this intro, now you know who I am and how I developed the passion and love for manager serial and concept and I hope you will enjoy reading the content of this website just like I enjoy creating it.

And please, comment everything. It is all made for readers and I would like to know what you think when reading these lines!

Thanks for your support!

Cheers (:



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