Bedford Town F.C. career - season summary 2019./20.

Season five. The battle for Conference National which is the first step to league football in England. An important season, but we are very much prepared for the battle.




FA Cup draw:

Cup results:

League fixtures:


For the first time, I will upload my league winning tactic here on the blog for you to try yourself. LINK

Of course, I change the instructions according to the match status and/or pitch conditions, for example when we play at home I always play more direct since the pitch is terrible and it proved to be better with direct play. Also I often substitute the HB with another striker so I play 4-2-4 (change both wingers to IF-A and S, WB to A).

As you can see, the season ended well, with Bedford as League champions. We were dominating whole season, I think it is moslty due to a stable tactic and exceptional players with good cover on all positions so we could stay fit all season. Matty Blair was spectacular, scoring 30 goals from AMR position, also Victor Fundi proved to be our No1 striker, regardless of better players coming in like Lyle Taylor, George Thomas, Michael Smith and Joe Gornley, he kept them all on the bench with his good performances. All in all, we are looking forward to the next season and new challenges. Only one level away from professional football, really excited about that!


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